17th year wedding anniversary gift
Wedding Anniversary OccasionTraditional ThemeModern ThemeColor / ColourGemstoneRecommended Gift
17th Wedding Anniversary No traditional themeFurnitureYellow Amethyst; CitrineClick Here

The 17th year anniversary is a modern theme because it was invented for commerical reasons. With this in mind the 17th wedding anniversary gift should be based around the modern theme of furniture, the color yellow and the gemstones Amethyst or Citrine.

What is the gift symbol for the 17th wedding anniversary?

Furniture means solid and so this is the gift symbol, it represents all that is dependable and firm about the couple’s commitment to each other.

What is the color for 17th wedding anniversary?

Yellow. Each year of marriage is represented by a color which denotes the particular year and for the 17th year together it is shown by the color yellow.

17th year wedding anniversary gift for him

We have written quite a lengthy post about recommended anniversary gifts for him which you can see here. Furniture is the modern gift that you should be thinking about when it comes to gifts for him but this doesn’t mean that you need to buy him furniture (it’s just the representation of it).

17th year wedding anniversary gift for her

Obviously there is some differences between what men and women would like (but of course similarities too) and for this reason we also gave our recommendations for gifts for her here. Solid and dependable is the call of the day when it’s comes to this particular day and what better way to show her how much you still love her with a gift that says it all, check out our list for recommendations.

17th year wedding anniversary gift for couples

If you would like to get the couple who are celebrating their 17th anniversary then we have put together a rather splendid bunch of suggestions which you can see here.

17 years together is not short amount of time and for a couple to still be together (especially in this day and age) is rather impressive. It shows the couple has stood the test of time and therefore as the furniture part of the representation shows – solid.

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