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If you are like Henry Ford and think the formula for a happy married life is to “stick to one model,” then you have truly met the love of your life! True love is worth celebrating and what better way than to celebrate it with friends and family.

Games for a wedding anniversary

Here are some ideas for games for a wedding anniversary to get things moving.

Cool Games

Da Vinci Mini Cryptex

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Use this as part of a trail hunt and hide a prize inside – we did this last year and combined it with some other smaller prizes along the way, try to make the clue’s cryptic – it really is great fun!

Our Moments Game For Couples

A great game for conversation starters! Although this game is for couples it’s also a great game to play with groups too.

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Social media and large-group games for an anniversary party

If you can’t beat them, join them! Social media is part of our world and if it tries to take away the attention of our guests, we have to use it to bring them back. Here are some games for social media and large-group games that will keep your guests at the anniversary party.

1 – The hashtag contest

You will need:

  • Guests with social media -preferably Instagram.

Create a new hashtag for the anniversary party and ask your guests to use it throughout the wedding. If you have too many guests, you can place a poster, blackboard or any other visible sign with the hashtag so you don’t have to tell every single person.

Another idea that would fit perfectly is to place some props in a small table so guests can take some funny and different selfies.

In order to make things more interesting and motivate them to do so, you can prize the most original photo, the one that has been shared the most or simply sort it out at the end of the night.

This is a perfect way to get awesome photos of the anniversary party and it will be a great memory to check in the future.

2 – The Spy

You will need:

  • A camera for each table.
  • Printed -or beautifully handwritten- pieces of paper.
  • Tables
  • Guests!

Also known as Photo Safari, this is a great way to get all the anniversary party details and maybe save a few bucks in the process. The idea is to place a camera in every table and write -or print- a list of photos you would like them to take.

Some great ideas would be the honored couple expressing their love while looking at each other, their favorite dish or appetizer, the anniversary dance, or some other ones that will definitely be funny in the future, like people falling down, guests crying, people doing funny faces -and blinking- or even people kissing -some might surprise you.

This way you can decide which angle or photo is best and add them to your Instagram or public anniversary album. Everyone will enjoy this activity before, during and after it takes place.

Tip: If you don’t have enough cameras, ask your guests to bring their own or take pictures with their smartphones.

3 – The stealthy clip battle

You will need:

  • Clips

This hilarious game will make your guests laugh and stay alert during the entire party. For this game, you have to give one cloth peg to five guests and publicly explain the rules.

Each one of these five guests has to cling clothes pegs to the rest of the guests without them realizing. The person who has the most pegs in their clothes have to dance solo an entire song in the middle of the dancefloor.

Now, here comes the tricky part. Those who realize there is a peg attached to their clothes can cling it in someone else’s clothes under the same conditions. So everyone will be attaching pegs to one another during the entire night.

4 – Jumble

You will need:

  • Social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter)

This is a word game in which you create a word puzzle or a clue to the achieve an answer. You can post an illustration, picture or sentence that reveals the clue. Then, different words are jumbled into anagrams and the audience has to figure out the right answer.

This game will work great before or after the anniversary party. Try to include a word or sentence that has to do with the party and it will help all your guests remember your anniversary for a couple of weeks.

5 – Musical Chairs

You will need:

  • Chairs

This incredible game is perfect for most young anniversary parties because people from -almost- all ages can participate. In order to play, you have to place a bunch of chairs touching their backs on a straight line.

Then ask the guests -who should outnumber the chairs- to circle the chairs while the DJ or band plays music. Once it suddenly stops, everyone has to sit. The person who remains standing leaves, along with one chair.

Basically, this process is repeated until the last person seats and wins the game. During this process, everyone will fight for chairs and laugh while remembering their childhood.

6 – Anniversary speech Bingo

You will need:

  • Pens
  • Printed bingo cards

Bingo is the perfect game for casinos, family evenings, New Year’s Eve and basically any other occasion. So why not bring it to the anniversary party?

However, you can add a little -not that little- twist. Instead of calling numbers, place some sentences they have to finish, like “The bride looks…” or “I remember when…”

The idea is to have guests ask other people questions that end these sentences. The first person who finishes the entire chart wins the game and gets to say the answers out loud with the mic, naming people and their thoughts.

7 – Marriage advice

You will need:

  • A book or pieces of paper
  • Pens

This game is quite simple. Bring some pieces of paper to the tables or place a special table with a book and ask people to write some advice. There can be questions like what other ideas do you recommend for other anniversaries? What’s your idea of a perfect romantic date? Or where do you think it would be romantic to travel for us?

Although this is a good and old game, you can twist it a little and ask people to attach some polaroid photos and dedicate them in the book. That way you would have a souvenir of the party and good wishes of your closest people.

Outdoor and physical games for an anniversary party

The following games are probably better for younger couples who are celebrating their anniversary. However, don’t be entirely skeptical. Some couples might surprise you.

8 – Ring toss

You will need:

  • Bottles
  • A wooden box
  • Paint
  • Plastic rings

This classic outdoor game will be perfect for kids and adults who want to change the environment and the best part is that it is a DIY that doesn’t need a lot of spending. You only have to collect four or five bottles, paint them and place them inside a wooden box.

But if you don’t have much time, you can ask a friend or group of friends to do it for you. Also, if you want to keep a souvenir, you can carve the initials of the anniversary couple in the box or simply the words ring toss.

9 – Dancing contest

You will need:

  • DJ / Band
  • Participants

If you want a memorable, original and fun party, this is the perfect game for you! Plan a dancing contest among the guests.

First, let your DJ or band know you want to have a dancing contest, so they can accordingly create a specific playlist. Try to mix different musical rhythms and, especially, songs with well-known choreographies.

Choose those guests you know that will guarantee the most laughs and join them with the shyest, but be careful with choosing the right people.

In order to make it interesting, divide the couples into two teams: one for a partner and another team for the other. The honored couple can be the jury or you can delegate to another person who brings more laughter to the activity.

10 – Mini croquet or mini golf

You will need:

  • An artificial green or croquet implements

Although this is not a wedding classic, this version is way improved thanks to hills, dresses, and suits.

Those who love golf can bring a small green to the wedding so people can practice and have some fun, especially if a member of the honored couple or a considerable number of guests love playing golf.

Croquet is a more British version, but that doesn’t make it less fun. The best part is that for either of these games you don’t need to be an actual expert to have fun.

11 – The Cinderella Shoe

Even though an anniversary party is meant to honor the numerous years of a couple’s love, it doesn’t mean singles don’t have the right to find love or feel out of place. So, here’s an idea to get them paired up and enjoy the party as much as possible.

You will need:

  • Singles with shoes

At the reception or the beginning of the dance, ask your single guests -or at least those who didn’t bring +1- to take a random hill -or shoe- off. Place them somewhere in the room and ask plausible partners to look for a different shoe and find their Cinderella. To make things more interesting, they should ask them for a dance.

Tip: Ask people if they want to participate first. Otherwise, it could have the opposite effect and make them feel worse. Also, try to ask the shoe to the shyest and have the most outgoing look for it.

12 – Anniversary piñata

You will need:

  • Post-its or small pieces of paper
  • Pens
  • A piñata

Who doesn’t like a piñata? Well, a lovely idea would be to place some small pieces of paper or post-its and a few pens in the tables. Ask your guests to write their advice, good wishes, suggestions or congratulations.

Place those messages into the piñata and the honored couple will open it after some time of having publicly expressed their love. This would be a nice surprise and a fun activity in which everyone will enjoy participating and watching.

This game will bring some beautiful conversations to the table about love and, most importantly, they will be a nice souvenir and memory.

13 – Giant Jenga

You will need:

  • A Giant Jenga

Everybody knows Jenga. After all, this fun wooden-block game has been part of many people’s childhood. That’s why a Giant Jenga is a perfect game to include in your party, your guests will be able to play and enjoy themselves.

This is awesome considering sometimes kids tend to get bored at these meetings and this would be a great and genuine way of getting them to put the smartphone or tablet aside and include them into social interaction with family and friends.

Although this game can be played everywhere, it is recommended that you place it outdoors because it can be noisy and annoy the rest of the guests.

14 – The Runway

You will need:

  • DJ / Band
  • Guests

No one will be able to stop laughing with this game! Choose different personalities among your guests to join in a runway. It can be the best dancer, the most elegant person or the funniest one.

Then, try to have them replicate the style of models and fashion stars. A great DJ will be essential to have some music in the scene, so try to include it in the contract beforehand.

The best part of this game is that there are no winners or losers. People can let themselves go and relax while dancing or walking down the runway. Also, there is no need for a special set. You can just ask people to stand up around them in a way that looks like a runway stage.

Funny games for an anniversary party

Get your belly ready! These games will make all the guests at the party and the honored couple laugh. Have a look and prepare for -at the very least- a grin.

15 – Shoe trivia

You will need:

  • Shoes

This game is specifically designed for the honored couple. First of all, place two chairs in the middle of the dance floor, tables or the most visible space. Both husband(s) and/or wife(ves) have to take off their shoes and exchange only one of them. That way, both of them will have one of his/her own and his/her partner’s.

A guest -usually the best man, maid of honor or both- has to ask different personal questions in which the response is one of them -yet not too invasive or it might get them into trouble. For example: Who is the best driver? Or who wakes up first in the morning?

16 – Anniversary-tailored “Guess Who?” board game

You will need:

  • A couple of “guess who?” boards

This is basically the same “guess who?” board game everyone knows. The twist is that you have to print two small-size photos of every guest in the anniversary party, replace them with the regular pictures of the game and there you have it: an anniversary-tailored “Guess who?” board game.

While players will try to discover the guest they sorted out, they will laugh like they never have to ask personal questions about other guests present in the party and providing funny answers. This is an original and funny way of spending time at the anniversary party!

17 – Who’s my husband/wife?

You will need:

  • Blindfolds
  • Volunteers

Even though this is a very simple game, it is incredibly fun. The idea is to blindfold a member of the couple and place him/her in front of the other, along with three other people with more or less the same characteristics.

The blindfolded person has to use other senses to figure out who is his/her partner. This person can smell, as well as touch the faces and -previously agreed- parts of the body of the four people in front to recognize the person. Speaking is not allowed in any part of the process. Once a verdict is stated, switch partners.

A way of making it even more fun is to play with other couples and let their partners line up to do the same. This will definitely be a game in which it’s fun to participate and even funnier to watch.

18 – Find your partner

You will need:

  • Blindfolds
  • Volunteers

Everyone who wants to participate has to step up to the dancefloor. They have to be blindfolded and placed in different positions, away from their partners. Then, everyone has to turn around 12 times. After doing it, they have to find their partners.

The twist is that no one can speak. They will bump into each other, laugh and touch other people’s faces to try to recognize one another. Obviously, the honored couple should play the game and try to win over the rest.

Tip: Ask women to take their heels off (if any) because they could fall into the floor after bumping with another person.

19 – Pass the gift

You will need:

  • A small gift
  • Different wrappings

This game is all based on the mystery. First of all, have a gift wrapped in several layers -three or four wraps. Ask the DJ to play music and suddenly stop. While the music sounds, people have to pass the gift. When it stops, the last person gets to open a layer.

If you want to make things interesting, you can write down a dare in a piece of paper and place it in between a couple of layers. That way, the person who unwraps that layer will have to overcome the dare.

At the end of all the layers, there should be a nice gift that rewards the last person. Try to think of something small, but valuable enough.

Couple games for an anniversary party

Anniversaries are meant to celebrate love and the bond of two people. Here are some games that will take advantage of those bonds to make the party smoothier and funnier for several couples!

20 – Karaoke duets

You will need:

  • DJ / Karaoke machine
  • Screen / TV
  • Speakers

This is not only one of the most famous games worldwide and a perfect icebreaker, but it is also an activity people of all ages will love.

Some ideas that would make it interesting would be to have duets for couples, insert some songs for the honored couple have the spotlight and invite some people -singles preferably- to come forward and take the mic or dance in the process.

Tip: Remember to place the screen near the dancefloor to invite everyone to dance and have a memorable anniversary.

21 – Guess who I am

You will need:

  • Pictures of personalities or guests

This is a great way of helping both old and young couples enjoy the same activity. It will bring back some memories for the elderly and help the youth learn more about the past.

So, you have to sort pictures of old and new famous personalities. Then pin them to the back of each person and they have to walk around and guess who is the person in their backs.

Now, here comes the twist. Those around you can’t mention names or similar words, do impressions, act like the person, mimic or let the person know in any other way. They can only say yes or no.

Tip: If you want to make it interesting and laugh -even more-, mix pictures of personalities with some guests. You will see it is even more difficult to guess.

22 – The Newlywed game

You will need:

  • A piece of paper
  • Pen
  • Guests

This game is great for people who are celebrating an anniversary party, especially when they have been married for more than 5 years.

First of all, all the guests have to prepare a list of questions for the anniversary couple, they should be fun but not so awkward to ruffle marital feathers. Take a member of the honored couple out of the room or away enough to not let him/her hear what the other is saying.

Then, ask the member of the couple who is still in the room these questions about themselves, it can be their favorite movie, TV show or even their dream vacation. Then, change partners and do the same.

Join them in the same place and tell them their answers and see how much they know about each other. This will make the honored couple and everyone present laugh for sure.

23 – Water balloon tossing

You will need:

  • Balloons
  • Water
  • Participating couples

This is definitely a game for summer weddings. The first thing you need to do is fill balloons with some water. Don’t fill it completely or they will pop. Then hand them over to couples and explain the instructions.

The idea is that couples toss the water balloons to each other without popping them. The last standing couple will be the winner of the contest. If you want to, you can prize the winner or not. It’s up to you.

This is an incredible idea that will bring many laughs and fun to all the guests that participate and watch the game.

24 – Charades

You will need:

  • Cards
  • Pens

Charades is the perfect couples’ game and it works for any occasion. It is always fun and both those participating and the audience will get a good laugh out of it.

Now, if you don’t know exactly how charades work, it is basically a game in which two people -a couple, for example- participate. One of them will be given a word or phrase and help the other person figure out what it says using only body gestures. No speaking allowed.

In the case of a wedding anniversary, write couples’ things like the restaurant you went on the first date or the first movie you enjoyed together. Make sure the concepts are challenging enough to make it fun, but easy enough to figure it out in a couple of minutes.

25 – Anniversary Pictionary

You will need:

  • Stand or blackboard
  • Markers
  • Paper
  • Pens

Similarly to charades, Pictionary is a game of couples in which people have to figure out a word, phrase or sentence. However, the person who knows it cannot talk. S/he can only draw hints that will lead the partner to figure out the clue. Writing the word or phrase is not allowed.

As with charades, couples can use different things that have to do with a normal relationship. It doesn’t have to be too difficult, but neither too easy.

Last word

These 25 games are incredible ideas for your party and you can adapt most of them to include every single guest. You just have to open your mind to get the best anniversary party ever of your lifetime. After all, every year should be better than the last one!

What do you think about these great ideas for your wedding anniversary party? Will you try them out? Let us know what you think!

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