10 Romantic Things To Do On A Budget for your wedding anniversary

10 Romantic Things To Do

  1. Write a love letter to each other.
    Revisit the lost art of letter writing, when did you last write your loved one a love letter to tell them how much you appreciate them?
  2. Love notes.
    Write notes to each other and leave them around the house.
    Play the ‘hot and cold’ game so they can find your mini love notes.
  3. Balloon love.
    Write something you love about your partner on a piece of paper and put them into a balloon – one for each year of marriage.
    Take turns to pop a balloon each and read the notes out loud.
  4. Watch your wedding video.
    When did you last watch your wedding video? Bring back all those memories like it was yeterday.
  5. Beach fire.
    Take a flask or wine to the beach at night, chairs & blankets. Light a small fire and just be together.
    As long as you are warm and don’t leave a mess this is an amazing free experience, the waves, the wine and the stars…and each other.
  6. Stay off work, be together.
    Take a day off work, turn off the phones and have a PJ day watching trashy films.
    Watch all the films that you both love, shun the outside world for a day, it’s all about just you two.
  7. Box sets.
    Watch a box set in bed together all day, each episode back to back.
    Why get up? Have breakfast in bed and watch back to back episode. You can’t beat a lazy day together.
  8. Cocktail inventions.
    Invent a new cocktail and name it something that belongs to only you two.
    Have fun mixing and testing new ideas to invent something unique that belongs to just you two. You don’t have to splash out just get the ingredients that you can afford and go from there.
  9. Have a candle lit meal at home together.
    An old classic but very romantic.
  10. Give a personalized gift within an agreed budget.
    There so many to choose from but a personalized gift is something that can be cherished for many years to come.
10 Sporty Things To Do On A Budget for your wedding anniversary

10 Sporty Things To Do

  1. Play a game of tennis together.
    How competitive or serious are you? You could turn it into a silly game and act a bit daft for giggles (or play to win).
  2. Go to a climbing wall together.
    Climbing walls are a reasonable price and a great idea for spending time with one another.
  3. Go for a bike ride in the countryside.
    You could take a picnic with you and make it into more than just a ride.
  4. Join a gym.
    Take advantage of a gym open day or trial offer to attend a session together.
    It doesn’t get cheaper than free and there are plenty of gyms that will give you a free day to try and entice your custom.
  5. Go swimming.
    For those who take their fitness seriously you could swim in the sea. Or if that doesn’t take your fancy go your local leisure centre or Spa. You may be able to include a Sauna and/or Steam room too.
  6. Go for a country walk.
    For those with the desire to be a bit more chilled with their activity you could plan a walk to a distance that suits you both. Take a picnic too and make it a really special day.
  7.  Play a round of golf.
    Golf isn’t exactly strenuous but the fresh air, walking and talking will do you good. It’s also good fun and beats sitting at home. You can get a pretty cheap day at a course too so it doesn’t break the bank.
  8. Visit a trampoline centre.
    There’s plenty of these places springing up everywhere so take your pick. Not only are they energetic but they’re also good fun and make a cool date idea.
  9. Do the gardening together.
    You could decide to plant a tree or a bush to mark your anniversary occasion.
  10. Go dancing.
    You could register for a salsa dance class or whichever takes your fancy. Learning to dance together could ignite a new common interest.
10 Things To Do On A Budget for your wedding anniversary if you have the kids

10 Things To Do If You Have The Kids

  1. Family day out.
    There’s plenty of day’s out that don’t cost the earth and if you pack a lunch you won’t have to fork out for food either.
  2. Go camping as a family.Spending a weekend or few days away is a great way to re-connect and have your family help you celebrate your wedding anniversary. Go create some precious memories.
  3. Plant a tree for your anniversary.
    Mark the event with your kids by planting a tree. The tree will be there when you are long gone and your kids will be able to remember the day you planted it together.
  4. Watch some family friendly romantic films together.
    Time spent together is time well spent. Spend it however you want but take this opportunity to introduce your children to some of your old faves. You know the ones, things like “Mrs Doubtfire” and “Love Actually”, there’s plenty to choose from.
  5. Go bowling.
    Does cost a bit of money so it’s not completely in fitting with the ideas on a budget theme but if you have some spare cash it can be a reasonably cheap and great day out.
  6. Cooking with the kids.
    Pick something simple and messy! Have a cake bake off or use food dye to create some wonderfully crazy colored food that you can all enjoy together.
  7. Photoshoot dress up.
    If you do this each year you can put them all into a frame which will build over time painting a lovely picture of how you all progress over time. This can be a great talking point when you have people around or even if you fancy reminiscing on occasion.
  8. Pose for black and photos or arty shots with the kids.
    Take a sensual angle that highlights the beauty of having children with some posed for shots that you could take with your phone and have printed for a low cost.
  9. Ask the kids to make a video message.
    Your children are a product of your love and as they get older a video message will mean the world to all of it, even if the kids don’t fully appreciate it at first over time you will all see the benefit – you are creating memories that can be relived each time you watch these video’s.
  10. Play games.
    Go for a game of hide and seek in the woods or geo-caching or even family friendly board games are a great way to include your kids in your wedding anniversary celebration.
10 Things To Do On A Budget For Your Anniversary With The Wider Family

10 Things To Do With The Wider Family

  1. Have a BBQ.
    If the time of year is right then ask your family to bring their own food and drink to keep within budget.
  2. Have a party.
    Again, ask family and friends to bring their own booze.
  3. Go for lunch.
    Just don’t pay for everyone! Let them know before hand to save any mis-understanding but having a big family lunch is a great way to celebrate.
  4. Go the beach as a family.
    If the weather is warm enough a family day at the beach to celebrate your anniversary is a lovely way to spend the day with family.
  5. Go camping as a family.
    Not as expensive as you think if you plan it properly. Probably more of a summer (or spring) activity but worth it.
  6. Pose for a family photo portrait.
    Great for posterity – you may not miss them all today but in years to come a family photo is a great way to reminisce.
  7. Go for a hike as a family.
    Plan the hike for the weakest person and take a picnic for a pit stop, involve all the family for the way points and where you will all meet up and end up. You could perhaps take in a few pub stops on the way!
  8. Ask for video messages to be recorded by each member of the family for your anniversary.
    If you ask for these each year it makes for really interesting watching over the years – trust us!
  9. Ask for letters or notes from each family member that you can stick into memory albums.
    Who doesn’t love browsing through a scrap book or memory album especially when it is full of hand written messages from those you love most.
  10. Cook together and eat as a family.
    Starts, main and desserts. Decide who is doing what and make sure there is plenty of wine to go around!
10 Memorable Things To Do For Your Wedding Anniversary On A Budget

10 Memorable Things To Do

  1. Each year add to a collection of trinkets that sum up recent events.
    Like a time capsule, you don’t have to bury it but you could if you wanted to. Open it up each year and look back over the years and what they meant to you as a couple. You could separate the memories into bags or boxes labelled with the year.
  2. Record each other a video message and create a collection.
    At first this may seem just like a nice gesture but over the years it will become sentimental in value as you watch how you age and listen to the words spoken by your loved one all those years ago. It’s a visual diary.
  3. Plant a tree for your anniversary.
    The tree can represent your love for each other and will grow and give fruit for many years to come – even after you’re gone the tree will still be there.
  4. Do something different.
    Break the routine that you might have become used to over the years on each anniversary and mindfully choose to do something different even if that means you meet for lunch at a place you’ve not been before.
  5. Visit a new city.
    Visiting a new city doesn’t have to be expensive, you could do it as a day trip if you want. But visit some old towns, villages or whatever takes your fancy.
  6. Get a tattoo.
    A tattoo is not for everyone but more and more people are having them these days. If you want to mark the occasion by marking your body to express your love then this is definitely one way to do express how you feel.
  7. Renew your vows.
    Not only is renewing vows fun it’s also a reaffirmation of a commitment you made to each other all those years ago.
  8. Take a pottery class together.
    Ever seen the film Ghost? It doesn’t have to be pottery but taking a class together, perhaps even a language class is something to be shared, talked about and learnt – TOGETHER.
  9. Carve your names into a tree.
    This is an old romantic thing to do and as long as there is no rule against damaging one of the trees (maybe you own the tree) then you’re good to go. Your carving will be there for many years to come and you can revisit it as long as the tree still stands, let those memories all come flooding back again.
  10. Paint a portrait of each other.
    This is fun and not really about how good an artist you are, it’s just about doing something which is a bit of laugh and you can give as a gift to be cherished.
10 Crazy Things To Do For Your Wedding Anniversary On A Budget

10 Crazy Things To Do

  1. Get tattoos to mark the occasion.
    It’s not for everyone but if tattoos are your thing then go for it! Mark the occasion and show your commitment with a tattoo.
  2. Go on a date and pretend to be strangers meeting for the first time.
    Role playing. Invent characters if you want to but pretend you have just met and see how the evening goes.
  3. Create and drink the most insane cocktails possible.
    It’s in the name. What can you handle? Can you invent something new and give it a name? If you can then this drink now belongs to you both!
  4. Paint each other head to toe using body paint in crazy colors.
    All good fun! Play noughts and crosses or invent a game that involves painting your partners body or give it your best shot at a work of art. Your imagination is the limit.
  5. Dye your hair the same color and wear the same clothes as each other all day.
    Again it’s all good fun and is just something that is for both of you, be a bit wacky why not? You only live once.
  6. Jump in a lake or the sea.
    Clothes on or clothes off it’s up to but jumping in a body of water (make sure you take your phone and money out of your pockets first)
  7. Invent a secret language and have a full conversation in it.
    Only you both will be able to understand each other, you can communicate in a secretive way known only known by you both!
  8. Take a body cast and give it as a gift.
    There are plenty of body casting kits available on the internet and Amazon seem to have this sewn up!
  9. Build a den together like you were kids – either at home or in the woods.
    Act like kids again, shed off those adult responsibilities and make a den. You could put the TV in there and watch a film and have nibbles. All good fun.
  10. Role play and pick crazy characters.
    This could be a date idea (as above) or you could invent a game or scenario. If you don’t want to invent the characters yourself there are plenty of murder/mystery type games out there that you can involve family and friends with like Murder at the Manor.
10 Sensual Things To Do For Your Wedding Annversary On A Budget

10 Sensual Things To Do

  1. Take turns massaging each other with oils.
    This needs no further explanation, it’s just lovely to give and receive. You can get plenty of very cheap oils on Amazon perfect for a sensual massage.
  2. Take a shower or bath together.
    When did you last do this? Take  your time, refill the bath and wash each other’s backs. Play music and light candles, wonderful!
  3. Try Tantric sex.
  4. Make out with each for a really long time.
    Like you did when you first met – go for it!
  5. Kiss every inch of your partner slowly.
    They will love you for it and it’s great to give this as it can be pleasurable for both partners.
  6. Have cuddles in front of a fire.
    A very romantic classic but one that allows you to spend quality time together.
  7. Have a chocolate fondue with strawberries and marshmallows and feed each other.
    Another romantic classic, you can choose whatever food you like. If you don’t have a fondue set we recommend this one.
  8. Make love.
    Spend quality time together.
  9. Give each other a head massage.
    A head massage is one of the nicest sensual things you could receive from your partner.
  10. Paint each others body.
    All good fun, we covered this earlier but it can be turned into something more sensual too.
10 Things To Do For Her On Your Wedding Annversary On A Budget

10 Things You Can Do For Her

  1. Massage her with oils.
    She will thank you for it and you can explore her body, it works both ways. Here’s some great oils on a budget you can get.
  2. Run her a bubble bath with candles and music then prep a towel in the dryer.
    Give her some TLC, the warm towel is a nice touch.
  3. Write her a love letter.
    Emails, WhatsApp and Texts have taken over but they’re digital and disappear soon enough. You can keep a letter in a safe box and this means so much more.
  4. Record her a video message.
    Tell her how much she means to you, she can revisit this time and time again.
  5. Cook her a meal of her choice.
    Show off your cooking skills by cooking her fave meal.
  6. Give her a head massage.
    A head massage is one of the nicest sensual things you could receive from your partner.
  7. Be her servant for the day.
    Do whatever she wants! You’re her slave and servant so has the control.
  8. Buy her a gift up to a set price that you both agree upon.
    The whole point of this post is to give you ideas to celebrate on a budget, so set one! Both stick to it and get her the most thoughtful gift you are able.
  9. Paint a portrait of her.
    You don’t have to be Van Gogh but give it a go, she’ll appreciate your effort and it’s a keepsake.
  10. Write her a poem.
    Some women love having a poem written for them, it’s not for everyone though but if the love of your live would appreciate it then do it.
10 Things To Do For Him On Your Wedding Annversary On A Budget

10 Things You Can Do For Him

  1. Cook him a meal of his choice.
    The way to a mans heart is through his stomach (apparently).
  2. Watch the films he wants to watch.
    He might have been waiting to see something for ages but you didn’t fancy it – time to bite the bullet!
  3. Dress up in lingerie.
    Every man loves this, acknowledge this fact and do your best, he will love you for it. Amazon has lots of fantastic combinations.
  4. Flirt with him by text all day.
    Build up the excitement to being able to see other after a day apart.
  5. Give him breakfast in bed.
    Show him you care by caring for your man, a perfect day begins with breakfast in bed.
  6. Get him a personalized gift within an agreed budget.
    This post is about celebrating on a budget so stick to one. Agree a budget and buy the most thoughful gift you can.
  7. Give him an oils massage.
    You can’t beat a good massage.
  8. Have sex.
    Nothing needs to be explained here except that if you are trying to do something for your man then perhaps let him take the lead.
  9. Play computer games with him.
    If your bloke likes playing on the PS4 or XBox but it’s not your thing then visit his world for a while and become his gaming buddy.
  10. Book a surprise day trip.
    If he is a sports fan then this could be a stadium visit or to a location he’s always wanted to go.
10 Ways To say I Love You On Your Wedding Annversary On A Budget

10 Ways To Say I love You

This last list needs no explanations, it’s just ways to show your partner…I love you.

  1. Write it in a note or a letter.
  2. Wink at each other across a room.
  3. Blow a kiss.
  4. Say it with a personalized gift.
  5. Record a video message.
  6. Carve it into a tree (take a picture).
  7. Honor the symbolic year (paper, wood, silver etc) with a gesture.
  8. Hold hands in public.
  9. Spend time together, as a couple, with no outside influence or TV.
  10. Do something that means a lot to him / her.

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    • May 12, 2019 at 12:51 am

      We totally agree Kate! We do find that making an evening (or day) of cooking as a family just as entertaining though. Thanks for your input.


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