Can you believe that you have been married for almost 5 years? Need to know more about your 5th anniversary? We’ve got you covered, read on.

Let’s start with “What is the 5th wedding anniversary ?”

  • The traditional symbol of the 5th Wedding Anniversary is wood.
  • Wood is very strong and it signifies the strength of your marriage bond.
  • Additionally, wood is long-lasting and durable, showing a solidified relationship.
what is the 5th wedding anniversary - image of wood

The 5th anniversary is usually a special moment in time for couples. You are no longer referred to newly married or newlyweds. You have a 5-year experience in marriage, and for sure, you want to be together for many more.

By now you have developed strong and deep roots like those of an oak tree and you are gaining insight as well as understanding from the stumbling and mistakes’ of the past 5 years. You have learned the most critical lesson of marriage and the hidden secret to a successful partnership: forgiveness.

But are you aware that every anniversary comes with its unique symbols and gift ideas? So, what gift can you get your other half to know that you still value them?

5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas


You have a lot of alternatives when it comes to showing the best gift made of wood, particularly if you like to think out of the box and can design something yourself. Here are 6 wooden gift ideas that you can try:

  • Bonsai Plant – Bonsai is an ageless evergreen plant that would symbolize the hopes for a long-lasting relationship.
  • Pine scented candle – Pine scented candle is surrounded by actual wood bark and smells like pine.
  • Wooden furniture – Ensure that you understand what your lover likes before you make this purchase. Don’t get what you like.
  • Wooden Figurines – There are some lovely figurines available on places like Etsy & Amazon, they could represent you both!
  • Wooden plaque – You can get these specifically for the 5th anniversary.
  • Woody fragrances – There are hundreds of colognes and perfumes that feature a woodsy scent.

Here’s our quick recommendation gift…

We bought a Bonsai tree (in fact it was this one) for our 5th Wedding Anniversary and we’ve still got it! Something that you can both maintain for years to come or build upon such as a photo collage or video messages that grow until you have a huge collection is great idea for a free gift and it allows you to see how you both progress over the years.

Here’s an alternative recommendation gift…

If you want to keep in with the traditional wood theme then you can ensure that the photos are kept in a lovely wooden frame or that you store your DVD or external hard drive in a great little wooden box like this one.

Image of a wooden box a perfect gift for a 5th wedding anniversary
Image courtesy of Blake and Lake

The Modern 5th wedding anniversary gift & symbol is Silverware


Silverware is the contemporary gift. It’s a constant reminder of the bond you formed when you took your vows.

Silverware is disliked by just a few and loved by millions. If your partner isn’t into silverware, then just stick to the wood gifts during your 5th anniversary.

5th anniversary modern gift suggestions:

  • An eternity ring – Show that special person you still love them with a beautiful silver eternity ring.
  • Cork screw – Ok it may not be real silver but the symbolism is the same. Get a bottle of wine to accompany the gift. A 5-year old port wine might be a great choice.
  • Table ware – This gift features forks, knives, spoons, dishes, soup spoons, pitchers, nut bowls, cocktail forks, spreaders, platters, bowls, trays, tea pots, coffee pots, and more.
  • A silver bracelet – Buy your partner a bracelet to wear on their wrist, have it engraved to make it even more special.
  • Silver dollar coin – Silver dollar coin will really touch your partners heart especially if you find one with your wedding year.

The 5th anniversary gemstone is sapphire

Sapphire is one of the hardest stone in the world and its well represented in the bible.

It is believed that the Ten Commandments were written on tablets made from sapphire. It was also believed that the earth rested on a gigantic piece of sapphire which reflected the sun to provide the sky its blue color.

Furthermore, royalty has adored sapphire to symbolize fortune, virtue, holiness, and wisdom. Some of the best sapphire gifts you can gift your spouse include bracelets, earrings, rings, and pendants.

The 5th anniversary colors are turquoise, pink & blue

Different colors are associated with the 5th anniversary such as turquoise, pink, and blue.

The 5th anniversary flower is the daisy

5th Wedding Anniversary flower is the daisy

The 5th wedding anniversary flower is the Daisy.

It represents loyal love, innocence, purity, and I will never tell.

5th anniversary celebration ideas

Traditional symbols can form the right inspiration for celebrating your anniversary. It is the symbolism of wood which is important and not necessarily the gift made out of wood itself.

Nevertheless there are always things to inspire you and to help celebrate your anniversary in a memorable way that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, here’s some example to get you started:

  • Plant a tree – You can plant a tree in a park, church, school, or your yard.
  • A pine tree will show the evergreen nature of your marriage.
  • An oak tree will show your solidity
  • A flaming red maple will show the passion you have
  • A flowering crab tree will show eternal love
  • Toast one another – This will represent the hope you have for a long-lasting marriage that grows and prosper just like the trees
  • Plan a dinner – The dinner will allow you to use your traditional and modern gifts. Who doesn’t like a dinner?
  • Enjoy an outing – You can visit your local forest, trail, arboretum, or wooden park. Hike or stroll together as you enjoy the greenery.
  • Attend an event – Purchase tickets to a movie, concert, sports event, show, or theater.

Are you planning to throw a party? Here’s our recommended list of MUST HAVE accessories.

To see more of our recommendations see our:

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Hopefully what is the 5th wedding anniversary has now been answered. Get your spouse one or two of the gifts I have listed above. Of important, know what your partner likes before you buy anything.

Remember that it’s not completely necessary to stick to tradition in that you should buy something made of wood or a sapphire but instead if you want to you can simply reflect that as a tradition and do something related to wood or sapphire, for example you may want to take a trip on a wooden rowing boat and this is in keeping with that tradition.

It is the symbolism that is important. Each year your marriage will grow and if you stay together this is reflected each year in the symbolism – well, the traditional symbolism anyway – of a marriage as the symbols become more and more extravagent and previous, solid and unyielding – symbolic of the years your marriage and relationship progresses. Have a good one!

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