The Best 2nd Wedding Anniversary Modern Gifts

Having been married for two years is definitely an occasion worth celebrating. While it may not be as special as the first wedding anniversary, it still has a charm of its own.

Of course, getting the perfect gift for your significant other should be your top priority. If you’d rather go with a modern present, then this guide is for you.

We’re here to help you out by suggesting our favorite 2nd wedding anniversary modern gifts for your sweetheart.

Let’s dive in!

Traditional vs. Modern 2nd Anniversary Gifts

Before we explore our options, let me give you a quick summary of the difference between a traditional and modern gift.

A traditional 2nd-anniversary gift should be something made of cotton. Because cotton symbolizes comfort and strength, it refers to the special relationship a married couple has.

Of course, there’s a wide range of varieties under this category when it comes to picking your gift. For instance, you can go for:

  • Clothes
  • A throw blanket
  • Bedding
  • A towel set

However, some couples would rather go for a modern gift, which is china or porcelain. As you know, porcelain is a beautiful, yet delicate material, just like your marriage. Both have to be handled with care and cherished to remain in perfect condition.

Luckily, there’s a huge array of gifts on the market to choose from for both him and her.

So, are you ready to take a look at our favorite picks?

Our Top 8 2nd Anniversary Modern Gifts for Her

Impressing your wife with a fantastic second-anniversary gift can seem tricky at a first glance. Yet, after you skim through the following list, you may find the right thing to match her taste.

  1. 21-Piece Porcelain Tea Set

If your wife is a tea person, then she’ll most likely admire this pretty porcelain tea set. Its delicate floral design and homage to the vintage style can quickly capture her attention.

Even better, the tea set can be perfect for a number of different occasions such as a family reunion, tea party, or even a birthday.

Plus, once you put this tea set on display in your living room cabinet, it should blend in with your home decor. Because of its simple, yet aesthetically pleasing design, it’ll add a touch of coziness to your home interior.

Ultimately, what makes this set a great anniversary gift is that it comes packed in with a nice box. All these qualities combined with the unmatched value of this tea set can make for an unforgettable gift.

  1. You & Me White Porcelain Triple Tray Jewelry Organizer

Some women would prefer simpler gifts, focusing on the sentiment instead. If that description suits your wife, you may want to choose a small, yet meaningful gift.

This jewelry organizer can be just what you need. Your wife can put her rings, earrings, and other tiny accessories in it. Also, the tray features the phrase ‘You & Me’, which will make your lady smile every time she looks at it.

Because the tray has three compartments, you can use it, too, to put your keys or cuff links. In our opinion, nothing beats a shared gift that brings you together.

  1. Porcelain Picture Frame

Another simple, yet romantic gift idea would be a delicate porcelain frame. Yes, it might be quite expensive compared to the previous picks, but that’s just because of its high quality.

This frame is made in Ireland with impressive craftsmanship, which you can easily see in the intricate details. Its soft design and beautiful hand-painted shamrock perfectly suit the occasion.

For a memorable 2nd wedding anniversary, you can arrange for a professional photo shoot at an outdoor location. Then, once you receive the photos, you can pick your favorite and put it in this pretty frame. For years to come, this day will be unforgettable for both of you!

  1. Porcelain Graffiti Bowls

Having a foodie wife has its perks, and the most important one is that she’ll likely appreciate any food-related gift. Once you present her with these beautiful bowls, you can only expect a big smile on her face and a victory dance!

While these porcelain bowls are far from a traditional second-anniversary gift, they should bring a lot of joy into your meals. You can use them for soup, pasta, salad, and almost anything else if you’re creative enough.

Plus, if your wife has a food blog, these bowls would be perfect for an eye-catching Instagram post. The inner food photographer in your wife would definitely adore the appeal of these patterns.

Also, their price is moderate, which can be a relief if you’re on a tight budget.

  1. Bloom Flower Decorative Drink Coasters Set

Love resides in the details. This is the message you’ll deliver to your wife if you decide to get her this porcelain coaster set.

Available with six colorful designs, these coasters match a bubbly and vibrant personality. Also, they can bring lively vibes to your home, adding a splash of color to a monochromatic living room.

This set comes with a cork backing to keep it from slipping along surfaces. Also, because it’s made of porcelain, it’s a piece of cake to clean with just a bit of water and dish soap.

To bring some much-needed joy into your everyday life, you might want to consider these coasters for a second-anniversary gift.

  1. Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Love Birds Ornament

Christmas is coming, and you know what this means. It’s the second time that you get to decorate your Christmas tree together, which makes the occasion all the more special.

To make the best out of this experience, this unique ornament can be the right anniversary gift. It features two love birds, with a blank heart-shaped charm where you can add any year you’d like. Better yet, there are additional charms for future milestones.

Note that the ornament comes with impressive attention to detail. Therefore, it does a wonderful job of mirroring your beautiful marriage and tight relationship.

If your wife appreciates delicate and romantic gestures more than larger gifts, she’ll mostly fall in love with this ornament.

  1. T4U Ceramic Succulent Planter Pots with Bamboo Tray Set

Succulent plants can transform the appearance of your living room or kitchen with their tiny, pretty shapes. However, they can even be more unique if you pair them with the right planter pots.

You may want to surprise your special someone with this Japanese-style porcelain pot set. They’ll bring your modern interiors to life, accentuate the beauty of these plants, and add an air of elegance to your home decor.

They come in stylish colors to appeal to almost any taste. Additionally, they’re equipped with drainage holes at the bottom to ensure that your plants remain healthy.

What’s a better way to express your love than by making your home a wonderful place?

  1. JONATHAN Y Chinoiserie LED Table Lamp

Last but not least, here’s a great option if you want a blend of traditional and modern second-anniversary gifts. This porcelain-based table lamp is a nice mixture of vintage and modern styles, making it a nice addition to your bedside tables.

It combines both cotton and porcelain so that you get the best of both worlds. 

Using LED light, it’s power-saving and eco-friendly. Also, the lamp produces warm tones of illumination, granting you a romantic atmosphere, which many couples prefer.

Besides these features, the lamp is made of high-quality materials and remarkable workmanship. So, not only will you be pleasing your wife, but also enhancing your bedroom decor with this adorable lamp.

Our Top 8 2nd Anniversary Modern Gifts for Him

Now, it’s time that we give you a few suggestions for modern anniversary gifts for your husband. Here, you’ll want to get a bit more creative when choosing your gift since not many men’s gifts include porcelain.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to ditch traditional gifts entirely and search for unusual picks.

Buckle up!

  1. Bosmarlin Large Ceramic Coffee Mug

If your man is a coffee or tea addict, then the best gift you could get him would be a coffee mug. But not just any mug, an extra-large one would definitely satisfy his constant need for coffee.

We figured that this mug by Bosmarlin might be a good place to start. With six different designs and color options, you should quickly find the perfect match for your man’s taste.

Because it has a capacity of 21 ounces, this mug can be your hubby’s best friend at home or work. Also, this mug is made of lead-free and cadmium-free ceramic, granting you a high-quality construction.

So, if you’re unsure what to get your significant other on your second wedding anniversary, you may want to consider this mug.

  1. Beard Grooming Kit

Some men take pride in growing their beards. So if your husband likes to take special care of his facial hair, your best bet is to get him an all-in-one beard grooming kit.

This kit includes everything he’ll probably need to keep his precious beard healthy. You’ll find an organic shampoo, balm, and oil. Not to mention other, much-needed grooming items such as scissors, a beard brush, a comb, and a storage bag.

Additionally, your husband will likely use the help of the e-book that comes with the kit. This ebook includes numerous beard care tips to keep the hair strong, healthy, and shiny.

So, whether your special someone has a long, short, thick, or thin beard, it’s always a good idea to get him this gift on this remarkable occasion.

  1. TESLYAR Wood Phone Docking Station

Some people believe that a woman’s touch is needed to make a man’s life more organized. While this isn’t always the case, you can achieve this goal by getting your hubby a wooden organizer.

This useful item can be really convenient if you both lead a busy life. On an office desk, this organizer will keep all your husband’s belongings in one place. So, he’ll have a lower chance of going around in circles, trying to remember where he put his car keys!

Instead, he can use this multifunctional stand to place his phone, glasses, pen, watch, keys, watch, and many more. Because it comes with different types of compartments, it can house various items efficiently.

Also, it’s made of sturdy ashwood and covered in elegant non-toxic finishing. Therefore, this stand should blend in seamlessly with the interior design of your husband’s office.

To make your man’s time at work easier, this phone docking station may be the best gift to get.

  1. Bulova Men’s Classic Cuff Bracelet

Looking for a more simple gift? You may want to consider presenting your husband with a stylish cuff bracelet. While this bracelet may be a bit pricey, it makes for a wonderful gift on your second anniversary.

This classic bracelet is made of stainless steel, which is durable enough to withstand wear and tear for years. With its sleek and minimal design, the bracelet enables layering if your husband is into it.

Lastly, it’s available in both silver and gold colors to match your hubby’s style.

So, while it’s a small gift, yet it can speak volumes of your love and devotion to your other half.

  1. Champion Men’s Graphic Powerblend Fleece Hoodie

Nothing beats a comfy-looking hoodie as a gift no matter what occasion it is. And yes, most of your husband’s hoodies usually end up being yours! So, between you and me, this is probably a gift for both of you.

This fleece hoodie by Champion can be a nice addition to your hubby’s winter wardrobe. Its appearance alone brings enough warmth to accompany its wearer on long, cold nights.

The hoodie is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, which you might consider a little nod to a traditional second-anniversary gift. Even better, there’s a percentage of recycled fibers woven into the garment. This should please anyone interested in the wellbeing of our environment.

Also, because the hoodie is available with multiple color choices, you can always find a good option that suits you both!

  1. SpaLife All-Natural Bath and Body Luxury Basket

After a long, stressful week, you can help your husband unwind on the weekend by buying him this spa basket. What makes it an awesome anniversary gift is that it’s romantic, relaxing, and nerve-soothing.

This set includes six SpaLife products. These self-care products consist of a shower gel, body lotion, bubble bath tube, body scrub, bath crystals box, and a sisal sponge. All these items come in a paper suitcase, marking them as the ultimate anniversary gift.

With a heavenly sandalwood scent, this luxury basket will most definitely appeal to your hubby’s taste. Not to mention that this gift delivers a clear message to your hubby, letting him know that you care about his self-indulgence and sense of calm.

  1. NEOVIVID Grow Old With Me Engraved Brass Compass

For your husband’s inner adventurer, this ‘Grow Old With Me’ engraved compass can be the perfect gift. If he likes to go camping, hiking, or mountain climbing, having a compass is a must.

So, there’s nothing better than having him think of you every time he looks at his compass, no matter where he is. By gifting your hubby this little gift, you’ll be able to send positive vibes his way while he’s alone in the middle of nowhere.

The simple compass is linked to a chain and comes with a hand-stitched leather case. If you ask us, it’s these small details that make all the difference.

This brass compass will be sure to always bring you together, both symbolically and literally.

  1. OlarHike BBQ Grill Tool Set

Here’s another non-traditional second wedding anniversary gift for him. If your husband likes to throw BBQs often, then a reliable grill tool set should make him really happy.

This set by OlarHike has many items that a BBQ master needs. For instance, it includes all grilling accessories, a meat injector, a digital thermometer, a 4-in-1 spatula, and more.

Each accessory is designed with care and attention to the chef’s needs. Also, each item is made of stainless steel, which should withstand the test of time and keep rusting to the minimum.

All these handy tools come with a storage case to keep them organized and protected. So, if you’re aiming for a top-quality gift for your husband, this BBQ tool set will most likely not let you down.

Wrapping Up

It’s easy to get caught up in life and routine. This is why, when it’s your wedding anniversary, it’s time to take a break from everything and plan a romantic day together.

Of course, you’ll need to consider 2nd wedding anniversary modern gifts before anything else. Nothing speaks of your love and commitment more than the right gift, no matter how simple it is.

So, if you were unsure what to get for your partner on this special occasion, we hope that our list was able to help you out.

However, if you’ve changed your mind and you wish for a traditional gift, then cotton is the way to go.

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