18 Surprise Gifts for your Husband on your First Wedding Anniversary

Surprise Gifts for Husband on First Wedding Anniversary

Surprises are wonderful and your 1st wedding anniversary is really special. So, need some surprise gifts for your husband on the first wedding anniversary ideas?

As far as we know, the first wedding anniversary gift is paper. That’s how it’s been for generations, and no one really knows how the tradition got born. It’s said that it goes back to the Victorian Era, which is pretty far in the past if you ask me!

If you like to stick to traditional symbols, your first-anniversary gift for your husband should be something made out of paper. While you may think this is a limitation, there are plenty of gifts you can get, and I’ve listed them down below.

On the other hand, if you’re a modern-enthusiast, you ought to stick to the modern first-anniversary symbolism gift, which is the clock. I’ve got you covered for that too!

Paper Gifts – Traditional Symbolism

Here are plenty of ideas for paper gifts. Your husband will love the symbolism, and more importantly, he’ll appreciate the gesture! Let’s hope he doesn’t forget to get his own gift.

T-HAOHUA Our Adventure Anniversary Photo Album

Who didn’t love Carl and Ellie’s love story from the movie Up? We all teared up at some point there. One of the best details about the movie is ‘Our Adventure Begins’ scrapbook. Now, you can get the book yourself and start your own adventure!

Your husband can use the book to keep your memorable photos together. The papers are durable enough to last until your grandkids see it. Additionally, the design is authentic, and it looks the same as the one in the movie.

Hardcover Wedding Memory Album

A photo album never goes out of fashion. This hardcover album from Unconditional Rosie is an ideal gift for the first anniversary. It’ll help your husband document every anniversary until the 50th. You can join in on the fun, too, by leaving love messages and memory photos inside.

The album doesn’t come empty from the inside. Its pages are beautifully illustrated to convey different messages. There are blank areas, so your husband can write next to the photos. A pack of stickers is also included, so you can customize the album as you’d like.

The hardcover is durable, and the papers inside are high-quality, so the album will last long enough for the 50th anniversary.

Knock Knock What I Love About You Journal

This love journal is one of my favorite gifts on this list. You can use it both ways. Before giving it to your husband, you can fill in the blanks and leave him to read what you love about him. Alternatively, you can leave him to fill the blanks about you. So, it’s a win-win situation!

The journal’s pages are full of blank lines describing different affection aspects. They’re creative, simple, and wonderful. Plus, they’ll turn it into a customized gift, although you bought it. I think it’s a nearly perfect gift for the first anniversary. You can open it in later anniversaries and reminisce about the memories of your first year of marriage!

The book measures 4.5 x 3.25 inches. It has 112 pages; these will take some time to fill, so you ought to get your gift early!

Personalized Antique Parchment Card for Wedded Couple

If you have a thing for Antiques, this personalized parchment card is worth giving a thought. Unlike greeting cards, this one is a keepsake, which means your husband will keep it. He can frame it and keep it on the nightstand or on a desk. Either way, it’s a constant reminder of a beautiful memory, which makes it a nice 1st-anniversary gift.

The parchment card measures 8.5 x 11 inches. The paper is high-quality and water-resistant to keep it intact for long. Moreover, it’s a high gloss, which means it’ll shine against any frame.

You’ll be able to choose the backgrounds you prefer from the options available, along with the scripted messages and names.

Paper Rose Flower in Gift Box

If your husband is a pure romantic, he’ll love this gift. It’s simple, captivating, and meaningful. You can never fail with roses, which is why this gift is a sure winner. The rose is presented inside a charming glass carafe, making it even more special. It also comes in a white gift box that your husband can keep.

The rose is handcrafted from realistic, high-quality paper, thereby fulfilling the traditional symbolism. Each paper petal is attached to the wire stem with fine paper leave, and the stem is covered to complete the look.

Furthermore, the glass bottle contains a small jigsaw piece with a sweet message. A wooden stopper protects the items inside. That way, the gift will hopefully stay intact through all of your anniversaries.

Camellia Bees Paper Rose in Gift Box

Personally, I love keeping it simple. That’s why I absolutely loved this paper rose in a box gift. It’s simple, which gives the gift more meaning that it doesn’t have to be something major to express your love. On top of that, it’s paper, but it’s different from the ordinary paper gifts.

The rose is handcrafted from Italian high-quality crepe paper. The two leaf branches are made of green paper to complete the realistic look. Additionally, the whole shape is attached to the floral stem with invisible adhesive material. 

The rose is 12.2-inch high. It’s available in more than 10 colors you can choose from, and it comes in a beautiful gift box.

OUR MOMENTS Couples: 100 Thought-Provoking Conversation Starters 

If you want to give a gift out of the box without straying far from the symbolism, this card game is your go-to option. Although a lot of couples prefer sentimental gifts for the first anniversary, I believe a gift you can use together is a far better option.

The card game consists of 100 printed questions that you can use as conversation starters. They’ll come in handy during boring nights, especially if you still don’t know everything about each other. You can also use it with your friends during double dates.

The seller offers a 30-day refund in case you’re not happy with the gift. However, I doubt something like that will happen; the quality is top-notch, and the questions are creative and funny.

Folded Book Art 1st Wedding for Him

If your husband loves books, he’ll highly appreciate this gift. You can choose the book to be sculpted into ‘I Love Your’ or into both of your initials. The book can be kept on a nightstand or on a desk; it’s a friendly reminder of the holy knot that gathers you.

The books used in the making are brand new, so you’re sure you’ll receive a high quality. Plus, the gift fulfills the symbolism pretty well. You can’t get more paper than that in one gift!

The gift is also handmade, which makes it all the more special.

Framed 1st Anniversary Heart Burlap Gift

Less is more. This framed gift is a simple keepsake that holds a sweet, meaningful message. It’s one way to tell your husband that your love won’t age, no matter how old you get together.

The frame is pretty easy to install, and it comes with clear installation steps that you can follow. If you don’t want to hang it, you can always keep it on the nightstand. Better yet, your husband can keep it in this work office.

The framed print is made of high-quality burlap that’s highly durable. In addition to that, the frame’s cover is top-notch plexiglass that won’t get broken anytime soon.

Clock Gifts – Modern Symbolism

Clocks are a pretty creative symbol for 1st anniversaries. I prefer it over the paper gift because it holds a more sentimental meaning. The gift represents the fast movement of time, which is a conveyance of your first year together. 

The symbol is also a reflection of time’s value. It passes quickly, so you should spend it caring for your partner.

Let’s see the gifts you can get with this beautiful symbolism.

The Metal Foundry First Wedding Anniversary Sundial Gift

I doubt you can find a better clock gift than this one. If I’d received it, I’d be over the moon. It’s a gift that combines elegance, simplicity, and durability. Plus the clock symbolism, of course!

What I love about it is the creativity in the gift. Instead of regular clocks, you can give your husband a unique one as a reminder of your eternal bond. He can mount it indoors or outdoors, and he can adjust the compass points as a real sundial.

There are plenty of options with this sundial. You can personalize the text and the year. On top of that, you can get a pedal stand for mounting. It’ll cost you a lot, but it’s worth every penny you’ll pay for it.

The sundial is adorned with polished brass details that look amazing against the white background. If you’re not a white fan, the sundial is available in some other colors, such as black. Make sure to check the prices, as they vary according to each color.

3dRose Happy 1st Anniversary Clock

If you want a gift that combines traditional and modern symbols, look no further. This clock has a faux paper background that looks like a real paper. It’s topped off by a sweet message that’s specialized for the first anniversary. It’d be a nice addition to your husband’s desk.

The clock measures 6 x 6 inches, so it’ll fit anywhere. Additionally, it can be hung on the wall if that’s how your husband prefers clocks. It has a high gloss finish that looks like a mirror, and it’s UV coated for durability. Not only that, but it’s also made of scratch-resistant aluminum, so it won’t get damaged if your pet decides to throw a scratching match on it!

LifeSong Milestones Personalized Decorative Wall Clock

Another Antique-themed gift that your husband will love. The clock is crafted of wood that’ll match a number of interior design styles. You can engrave your names and wedding date on it to give it a special personalization.

The names will be laser-engraved, so they won’t ever fade out. What’s more, you can choose a sweet love verse to write on the wood.

The clock has a diameter of 12 inches, so it’ll appear against any wall. It also comes with a built-in easel in case you want to keep it on a desk.

OakiWay Anniversary Sundial Compass

This Okaiway sundial compass is a nice way to get out of the box. It’s a creative gift that’s also sweet and usable. Furthermore, there’s a love quote engraved on the box’s top that makes it even more meaningful.

The sundial is made out of top-tier polished brass that won’t corrode. It comes in an elegant Mango wood box that your husband can keep for memory. Besides, the box has a transparent top, so you can use it as a decorative item and keep it closed. 

Your husband can use the compass during outdoor activities. It’s an excellent gift to consider if he’s into hiking or similar sports. Alternatively, he can keep it in the office.

NEOVIVID Grow Old Along with Me Sundial

Here’s another gift that your husband can keep in his pocket. This sundial compass comes in a leather zippered cover that’ll protect it inside. The phrase ‘Grow old with me, the best is yet to be’ is engraved on the leather cover. It’s a verse of Robert Browning’s poem, which gives the gift a sweet meaning.

The compass and sundial are both working; your husband can use them during outdoor activities. Moreover, the compass has a diameter of 3 inches and a height of 0.7 inches. It’s made of high-quality materials, so the gift will hopefully stay intact until your 50th anniversary and more!

No Symbolism, Just Gifts!

No matter how many options you think of, the paper and clock themes are still a limitation. If you don’t want to follow the tradition, here are some creative gifts you can get your husband on the first wedding anniversary. They’re equally as beautiful and meaningful as the paper and clock gifts!

SpaLife All Natural Luxury Gift Basket

Nothing pampers a man or a woman better than a spa basket. If you want to celebrate the special occasion, you can get this bath and body set for your husband. You can even prepare for a spa-at-home day; it’ll be a part of the gift!

The basket includes shower gel, body lotion, bubble bath, body scrub, bath crystals, and a sisal sponge. Your husband can use the basket for other matters when he’s done with the products. What I love the most about the gift is the variety. It’s always nice to have a luxury bath set that’s matching.

Artblox Recording Or Song On Acrylic Block

I love ideas out of the box, and this one can’t get any more out! You can now record your own voice or favorite song and print it into an acrylic block. If there’s a special song from your wedding day, you can use it for the gift; your husband will love the gesture. 

The awesomeness doesn’t stop here; there’s a QR can on the block that enables you to play the song from any smartphone.

The acrylic is of high quality, so it stays intact for as long as possible. Additionally, it measures 8 x 2.5 inches.

7 PC Smoked BBQ Grill Gift Set for Men

If your husband has everything, and you’re getting confused about what to get him, here’s a classic, timeless gift. They say nothing makes a man happier than food, but I beg to differ. Nothing makes a man happier than a BBQ grill set!

The set arrives with three different wood chip samples, so your man can try them all and find his favorite. In addition, it comes bearing a stainless steel smoker box, grilling thermometer, and universal grill scraper. The set can transform any grill into a meat smoker, thanks to the innovative accessories.

Despite all that, the set comes at a relatively affordable price.

Haysoms Ivory Mr Right & Mrs Always Right Mug Gift Set

If you want to keep it funny, this mug set will be a nice gift!

The mugs are exclusive for the first anniversary, making the gift even more special. Plus, you’ll be able to use the other mug with your husband, which is a bonus. You can use the set for drinking hot chocolate on cold winter nights. The mugs are suitable for microwaves and dishwashers.

Final Thoughts

As you see, there are endless ideas of surprise gifts for husband on first wedding anniversary. You just have to give it some thinking, and in some cases, some extra pounds!

If you want to stick to the tradition, I recommend getting The Metal Foundry Sundial. It’s creative, simple, and elegant. You can’t blame me for loving it!

On the other hand, if you want to think out of the box, I’d get the BBQ Grill Gift Set if I were you. No man can say no to owning a luxurious grill set.

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