what is the 15th wedding anniversary

The 15th wedding anniversary is one of the most memorable moments for couples, here’s a complete guide to everything you need to know.

What Is the 15th Wedding Anniversary Wedding? 

  • The traditional 15th Wedding Anniversary gift is crystal.
  • The modern symbol is a watch.

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Congratulations on your 15th wedding anniversary!

The simple fact that they have hit such a rare milestone in their marriage shows how much committed they are to one another. If you have been married for such a long time as we have, then you would know how many storms you had to go through to get there. A marriage that gets to the 15th year anniversary mark is a strong marriage and definitely a unique one that defines nothing short of love, trust, and perseverance.

What should it look like and how it should make your spouse feel. This wedding anniversary is not like any other. You can’t just brush it off with a kiss and the appy anniversary phrase.’ It should be done with love and passion to show your partner that you treasure him/her so much. We will always advise that you do it with a gentle heart and care and most importantly, make it perfect. Many people tend to make a mistake of going for the most expensive gifts that lack a personal touch.

Some of the things we will take you through are the symbols, colors, and flowers associated with this year. These should be the obvious yet the very important things in your list as you plan for this special occasion. Each of these gifts has a significance which we will explain in details for your better understanding. At the end of this piece, we will make sure you know which is the best 15th wedding anniversary gift as well as the traditional and modern symbols associated with it.

What is the 15th year anniversary flower?

If you want to drop off some flowers in his/her office, go all roses. This symbolizes the deep love that has helped you overcome every obstacle throughout the years. It can be a bouquet or just a single rose; any can do. We also suggest that you complement it with a sweet love note. This will not only surprise her but also keep her smiling throughout the day. It is a very nice way to start this special day. If one wants to have a romantic dinner, you can also have a rose placed on your table just to make it look elegant as you remind each other of the great fifteen years you have been together. Rosses have always been known to bring out your inner feelings without even saying it.

What is the 15th year wedding anniversary color?

To complement the roses’ petals, ruby red is usually the color that is always associated with the 15th years wedding anniversary. You can easily use this as your theme throughout the day. Get her a red dress or get him a red tie. Just like the roses, this color symbolizes deep love. This color makes the occasion very special and serious. It can also be brought out with a bottle of red wine for the evening. After all, at the end of the day, it’s all about making every moment special and memorable.

What is the 15th wedding anniversary gift?

Once you have made sure that you have done all the above and everything is in place. It’s now time to come up with a cool gift for your partner. As much as none of these gifts can ever replace the love you two have for one another, they will surely rekindle your inner feelings, and this will definitely strengthen the relationship even more. It is therefore very important that you get the best gift for him or her. We will be keen to mention which gift is best for who so that you don’t end up getting mixed up.

A handbag for her – this one is PERFECT! Click here to see the best price for this one.

crystal bag

Every day you walk in a store she will always tell you which handbag she likes and how she likes it. For 15years we are sure you have a pretty good idea what kind of handbags your wife likes. Go ahead and get her that specific handbag she always covets. This will show that you always pay attention to what she says. It will make her love you, even more, remember, just like money love is never enough and if you get any chance to boost it by an inch, do it.

A mug for him. – Men will always recognize what her woman is trying to do and they are always easy to charm. Get him a lovely mug with the picture he likes on it. This will make him so happy, and we assure you he will appreciate it so much. You can get both sides printed. A photo on one side with a love note written on the other. This is a very cool way to drive your point home. With this, you will have made him feel appreciated.

A stone necklace for her. – Women love jewelry, and no matter how many you get them, they will never be enough. Try getting her a lovely stone bracelet. Make sure it’s the stone she likes if at all you want to go extra special. With this, she will definitely keep you at hearth all through your love life.

A stainless steel multi-bottle wine chiller. – It may not be a multi-bottle wine chiller but a beer one. Getting your husband something he can show of to his friends is one of the greatest gifts he will ever possess. Be sure you have won him a thousand times over. This multi-bottle chiller will keep him smiling all through as he waits for a sports days so that he can showcase it to his friend while they watch their favorite sports.

Hotel bookings for her. – Book a nice hotel for you and your wife for a getaway retreat. This will definitely make her feel so loved. It’s also one of the best romantic gestures that will keep her waiting anxiously. This is a nice way to switch from the monotonous environment and have another completely different setting where you can have some alone time together.

Cufflinks for him. – Is your husband an office man full of official shirts? Get him some cute manly cufflinks. Every time he wears them, he will be reminded of how much you love and treasure him. Make sure they are so nice to be noticed. Men like these sort of things.

What do I buy for the 15th wedding anniversary gift?

With these gifts, we assure you nothing less than love and admiration from your partner. We have carefully selected each gift since we know from experience what they symbolize and what they will mean to them. Make your 15th wedding anniversary memorable with some of these awesome gifts.

The 15th wedding anniversary gift should be priceless. Your spouse already knows what you can and what you can’t afford. Use this as an opportunity to come up with a remarkable gift. A gift that will show him/her how far you’ve gone to get it. This is what a priceless gift feels like. Every time your spouse looks at it, he/she should feel the love blossom, they should be able to feel the connection getting stronger. That’s exactly how a 15th wedding anniversary gift should feel like.

Like we mentioned earlier, by the time you hit the 15th wedding anniversary mark, it means you are meant for each other. You have a crystal clear idea of whom your partner is and what he/she is capable of. You know their faults, weaknesses, and strengths. You also know their worst friends and best friends alike. Everything revolves around having that crystal clear definition of your spouse, and that is why the traditional symbol of the 15th wedding anniversary is the crystal.

Crystal and the 15th wedding anniversary

This represents the sparkling love you have for one another and most importantly the clear understanding you have for each other. The best part about crystals is that you can easily incorporate them in this modern era where everyone is all about class and glamour.

You can get your spouse a crystal home décor, lovely crystal wine glasses, a crystal candlestick or even a purse with a crystal on it. The easiest way to bring out this traditional gift is through jewelry. Most people appreciate jewelry more than anything.

You can get your spouse crystal jewelry and this way you will be able to use your traditional gift with some modern finishes to come up with the best jewelry. Try this method and see your spouse light up before your eyes.

What is the modern 15th wedding anniversary gift?

The Modern 15th Wedding Anniversary Gift is a Watch

These days everything is associated with time, even money. This is why the modern gift of the 15th wedding anniversary is a watch. This is seen as a reminder of how much time has gone by.

15 years is quite a long time and a lot has definitely happened through this time, but like they say time heals. You can go all creative with this gift and add a picture of you and your spouse in the background. To make it even more unique, you can have it engraved with a love message at the back.

The love message should be short but very precise and unique. This will always remind your husband how grateful you are to have him anytime he looks at the time.

For your wife, you can have it custom made with her favorite color and other things she likes. This way you would have made a basic watch a very lovely modern gift. With this gift, you can’t tell the time without telling how much your partner means to you.

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