what is the 40th wedding anniversary

Staying married to the same person for 40 years really is a fantastic achievement, it is a testament to love, strength and unity. It’s only fitting to want to help celebrate this event and of course it’s tradition to buy something to do with the traditional 40th Wedding Anniversary symbol or flower.

What is the 40th Wedding Anniversary Color / Symbol?

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Ask our search assistant below any question related to wedding anniversaries you want.

Ask our search assistant above any question related to wedding anniversaries you want.

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Each year of marriage is celebrated with an ever-increasing representative of strength and unity which grows each year to a more precious symbol which starts at the first year of marriage with “the paper Wedding Anniversary” and progresses up to the 40th Wedding Anniversary with its representation of the Ruby stone and then Gold representing the 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Although the anniversary is called the Ruby Wedding Anniversary it is not necessary to give the gift of a Ruby (or indeed the Nasturtium flower) but rather something that represents the color of a Ruby or is someway related, perhaps even to give the gift of a vacation to a place with Ruby in it’s name. It’s the symbolism of the Ruby that counts and not the actual gemstone itself.

What Are Some Traditional Ruby Wedding Gifts?

It is traditional for a 40th Ruby anniversary to give a gift that in some way has a connection to a Ruby or the color of the Ruby. There is no limit to the amount of things this could entail but here’s some ideas to get you going:

A quick search of the internet for 40th Ruby Wedding Anniversary gift ideas will reveal a whole range of gifts that are suitable either to give each other (if it is YOUR 40th Wedding Annversary) or to give friends or family.

What Is The Flower For The 40th Anniversary And What Does It Represent?

Each year of marriage is represented by a symbol and a flower. The 40th Anniversary is represented by the Nasturtium flower which symbolizes victory. This is seen traditionally as a victory within the marriage having overcome everything that life can throw at a couple for 40 years and still be together and going strong. It is a big and bright flower which grows quickly. The flowers are available in a variety of colors, but deep red or ruby is most closely associated with a 40th wedding anniversary. The Nasturtium is a perennial flower botanically, herbaceous perennials; that is, they die to the ground in fall and grow again the following spring.

What Should I Say For A 40th Wedding Anniversary?

Some simple advice would be to tailor your message to the couple you are addressing. In other words if they are a fun and lively couple then a few good jokes or funny poems will go down well.

On the other hand if the couple are religious then choose a passage from their Holy Book and blend it with some of your own praises.

Regardless of what you say you should remember to keep it non offensive and ensure that you show the couple love and support for their achievement, after all 40 years alone on planet earth is a long time but to have been married for this amount of time to another person, sharing everyday ups and downs is a real feat of strength, determination, compassion but above all else love.

What Can I Get My Parents For Their 40th Wedding Anniversary?

Personal presents that you’ve clearly spent some time thinking through are almost always more welcome than something that has been bought with little thought just because it is expensive. Even hand made craft presents go down well as they show that you have spent time thinking about your parents and want to do something to show them how much you care. Here a few of our own suggestions – each of these suggestions can be presented in a Ruby red ribbon or in Ruby red wrapping paper to keep the tradition of the color Ruby alive:

So there we have it. Hopefully this guide to the 40th Ruby Anniversary has offered some good insights and covered a lot of bases, onward and upward to the next big milestone – the 50th Wedding Anniversary!

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Ask our search assistant below any question related to wedding anniversaries you want.

Ask our search assistant above any question related to wedding anniversaries you want.